Tip: Don’t freak out its just a bump

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92If you are new to racing if you haven’t been bumped you will be. Does the idea of making physical contact at 25-30 MPH freak you out or what! If you are going to continue to race your bike in anything but a Time Trial then you must get use to this.

Find some friends with bikes and an open field and start bumping into each other. Start off slow with just two riders at a time lean into each others shoulders, throw out an elbow, push out a knee and make contact with the other rider. Do this again and again faster and faster in the grass. Get a feel for what its like so you know how to react when this happens. Try it with more than 2 riders and try doing it in a corner by setting up a 4 corner track in the grass using water bottles. The next time you are rubbing elbows in the peleton or banging bars while diving for a corner in a fast crit you will be cool and your competition will be the ones freaking out.

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