Review of the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive an excellent bike pump

My favorite new tool, a bike pump


I actually have several tools that I like quite a bit especially power tools. However I have had a run of bad luck with bicycle air pumps. The first pump wore out in 2 years and the second one is very hard to use which means it is impossible for my wife and kids to use. Cyclists never think much about their bike pumps until the are no longer working or worse yet not working correctly.

Last fall while at my local bike shop I used $150.00 shop pump and I was impressed. It was obvious that this pump was designed for heavy use. I was not only impressed with its build quality but how effortlessly I was able to fill up my tires. My friend asked me if I wanted him to order me one. Dont get me wrong I like this pump and can appreciate good tools but $150.00 for a bike pump I said no thanks.

A few months later I am back in the bike shop and Tom, my friend/teammate, is now selling a brand of tools I have never heard about, Lezyne.

I have always been a bit of a gear head and I have owned and driven muscle cars and street rods. This means I have a great appreciation for shiny speed parts. When I saw the Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive pump I thought wow! It looks like a billet aluminum speed part for a Street Rod. Just ask my friends I have talked and talked about this pump. I am writing this review in an effort to quit talking and thinking about it.

The Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive is made up of:

  • CNC machined aluminum barrel and foot; steel piston
  • Varnished wood handle with CNC machined aluminum center lug
  • Alloy Flip-Thread chuck threads securely to both Presta and Schrader valves  Flip-Thread chuck and hose threads securely to foot when not in use
  • 47”/120cm extra-long, premium-grade hose
  • Long travel piston with reduced barrel diameter lowers required pumping effort  Oversized 2.5” diameter gauge assembly, 220psi max

Here is what I like:


The long travel piston is almost effortless wether trying to pump up clinchers, tubulars or the kids BMX bikes. The finish of the pump is slick, simple and clean. But what I am the most impressed with is the Alloy Flip-Thread chuck.

This chuck design has the ability to quickly switch from Presta to Schrader valves. There is NO plastic flip to lock it on to a valve instead it threads on to the valve. This keeps a tight seal and helps to not break or bend the inner presta valve.

So between the long travel piston and the Alloy Flip-Thread chuck it means that my wife and 9 year old daughter are no longer asking me to air up tires for them. This in itself makes the price of this pump well worth it!

The other thing to mention is that Lezyne also carries spare parts like Flip-Thread Chuck w/ hose and w/o hose. How many pumps have been tossed into the trash simply because there we no spare parts to order.

I was recently at a club ride and I brought my very own Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive to top off the tires before heading out when a friend discovered that his tube needed to be replaced because of a broken valve. He asked if I brought a pump so I let him borrow mine. I had just finished getting ready when I went get my pump back and he had leant it to another rider. I didn’t mind that to much until I found that it had been passed around to about 5 guys before I got it back. I don’t like to loan out tools, its just something my dad always said not to do. What was great is that the first 5 miles of the ride was about my new bike pump and how much every one likes it.

To see all of Lezyne’s product line take a look at

Pumps I have used and or owned: Wrench Force, Pedro’s, Park and Pista Silica.

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  1. I use one of their shortie pumps on my bike. The screw on method is fantastic and I have not done any injury to a Presta valve since I started using it. The quality is outstanding, IMO. I do not understand why other makers haven’t adopted this clearly superior way of getting air into a tire. I am ordering one of their floor pumps today.

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