Tip: time to make an attitude adjustment

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92I recently heard a definition of thermo dynamics and thought about maintaining a positive attitude.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed only transferred. I also strongly believe what you put out will come back to you.

If you have noticed on the blog I keep things very positive. I do this because I feel that negative actions, comments or attitude is wasted energy. Their are very few times that I have found that being angry has served me well, this is a recent development. You may have heard Tour de-France announcers use the term turning a wheel in anger. This is nothing more than a phrase.

In a sprint I was contesting in the last few feet I did something I haven’t done before I let out a very loud caveman grunt in an effort to tell my body this is it I need everything left. I won the sprint by half a wheel. Was I angry? No not at all just very determined. Was the man I finished ahead of mad? Nope he was excited to have put his best out there in a sprint finish and thanked me for the competition.

I also believe the rider/racer I help today will help me in the future. So I hope I am helping you the reader in some small way.

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