Is it time to hire a cycling coach?

Have you been asking yourself the following questions?

  • Why am I not getting ­faster?
  • Why am I the last one up the hill?
  • Why do I keep getting dropped?
  • Why is my training not working?
  • Am I riding the right bicycle?

If you have hit a roadblock after roadblock on your path to becoming a better cyclist and your feeling like you have nowhere to turn then its time to hire a coach.

Maybe you are a cyclist with years of experience that has worked with one or more coaches and you feel like you have peaked. If this I this is the case its time to hire a new coach or at the very least consult with one.

You might be a first time racer or an event cyclist who wants to do well but doesn’t have the time or desire to learn all the ins and outs of training protocols.  Once again it’s time to hire a coach.

The fun little thought exercise above isn’t meant to be a one size fits all cyclists tale of doom and gloom. Instead I want to give you the reader an understanding that you are not alone in your pursuit of improved performance. I can justify countless scenarios where it makes since to hire a professional coach to work with athletes but I want to talk with you directly to understand your needs as a cyclist, triathlete, duathlete and or road-racer.

So for the month of May I have an offer to ALL of my readers and their friends.

  • Free set up
  • Free athlete performance assessment
  • Free goal and objectives planning
  • Free coaching for the first month
  • Free basic Training Peaks account
  • 15% off of all coaching services to individuals
  • 25% off of Group and Team coaching services

This offer is only good for the Month of May!  If you are at all curious about the coaching services and how they can make you a better cyclist. Call Coach Rob or use the contact form to inquire about this offer. There is still plenty of time in the season to improve.

The best upgrade you can make is YOU!


Coach Rob


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