Time to make the investment in a cycling coach?

So far we have explored how cyclists begin to ask themselves questions about their performance. This lead to thinking about if a cyclist needs a coach to wondering what a coach can do for the cyclist. What about getting the most bang for the buck when working with a coach?

Let’s face it cycling is expensive! We invest money into bikes, upgrades, clothing, event and race fees but we never seem to want to invest in the one thing that will make us truly better cyclists. Ourselves!

An investment in our selves involves three very precious resources: time, faith, and money. Time is what it takes to strengthen a weakness and develop strengths. Faith is required to believe in what one is trying to accomplish when life get in the way. Money is required to pay someone to help you reach your goals. Yes I said you should Coaching Services to help you reach your goals.

Why is this a big stretch? You have invested thousands of dollars in gear that may or may not have made you marginally faster. So why not hire some one to be your partner in helping you reach your goals instead of going it alone.

I know the average coach looks expensive. Coaches can cost on average 100.00 – 400.00 a month. Coaches that have degrees in Sport Science and Medicine can cost 1,000.00 or more per month. Let’s not forget former cycling pros that coach. You can hire a virtual coaching for as little a 45.00 a month and even purchase pre built training plans for as little as 35.00.

We as cyclists have lots of options to choose from now when it comes to hiring a About Coach Rob. So once you have hired a cycling professional what can you expect from him or her. Usually you can expect certification from USAC or USAT. Then you will get a certain level of experience and or cycling discipline. Some coaches will only want to work with new or experienced competitive cyclists. Some may only work with juniors or adults and some may only focus on certain cycling disciplines. Make sure to ask before buying on line!

Depending on the service(s) you purchase you can usually expect that you will receive a performance evaluation via testing or through a ride with a coach. You will also receive goal setting and training objectives guidance. Coaches do not tell you what your goals are. Then coaches will use this information to create a custom training plan for you!

Once again depending on the services you purchase from a coach you may review your day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month plans and progress. These sessions will typically cover the following:

  • How did the last training block go?
  • Go over any performance data of interest or concern
  • Check to make sure goals and objectives are being met
  • Make tweaks to training plans as performance improves or when life gets in the way
  • Go over how an event or a race was finished
  • Discuss race/event day tactics and strategies
  • Discuss latest training methodologies that apply to your current training needs

There are lots of other intangibles such as:

  • Some coaches have industry contacts and can offer discounts on gear and nutrition
  • Some coaches have other specializations such as strength training
  • The coach is your number one cheerleader and will be your advocate
  • Will listen to your cycling stories when friends and family stopped listening years ago
  • Your coach will always be upfront, honest but tactful about progress

All of my athletes know that I make no guarantees other than if you plan the work and work the plan that you will indeed see improvements in your performance. So far I have had athletes set PRs in hill climbs and time trials, crush their power output goals and have had several make it to the podium multiple times this season. At last count my athletes have visited the podium 10-12 times since this season started with countless top 5, 10 and 20 finishes. I am also proud to say that I have had an athlete increase there power output by 8.6% in a 4 week training block! Many have increased there power by 4-6% in just 4 weeks. I am also seeing 10% increases in power in 6-8 week training blocks.

Like the previous article on coaching, I want to give you the reader an understanding of what a great coach really offers to their athletes. I can justify countless scenarios where it makes since to hire a professional coach to work with athletes but I want to talk with you directly to understand your needs as a cyclist, tri-athlete, duathlete and or road-racer.

If you are at all curious about the coaching services and how they can make you a better cyclist. Call Coach Rob or use the contact form to inquire about this offer. There is still plenty of time in the season to improve.

The best upgrade you can make is YOU!


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