Tip – When it doesn’t go to plan

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92Its been a while since I have shared some tactics with the readers of the PPC site so I decided to cover some tactics in a quick tip!

It’s important that as a competitive cyclist to employee tactics and personal goals in each race. Road racing is a team sport and Riders serve different roles depending on their strengths and weaknesses on the team. Teams should also be planning race strategies and employee team tactics too. So what do you do when the plans don’t seem to be shaking out. Well after years of racing you will find that you will need to be prepared to use back up plans. So if a designated sprinter wrecks out you need to get the back up sprinter in the break or if you are not feeling well and need to go a bit easier than usual or if you have fallen and sustained an injury but not hurt bad enough to stop…

There are a myriad of reasons that plans just don’t seem to work. You just need to realize this and adapt! To many new racers will turn these unexpected challenges into problems and stew in a their own anxiety wasting precious time and energy instead of rethinking the situation.

It all sounds easy in reading this but in practice it can be daunting if not impossible to rethink plans on the fly, especially when being oxygen deprived.

As mentioned earlier you the individual competitive racer needs to remember that you need your own race goals and to be able to put into practice tactics that will allow you to achieve your race goals. Just because you are not the designated sprinter or the break away artist doesn’t mean you can’t meet or exceed a personal goal!

  • If you have been finding it hard to hold on in the last laps of a race you need to learn to ride conservatively.
  • Keep missing the break when it happens right next to you? You need to be more observant.
  • Don’t feel like your even in the race because you can’t breathe or think straight? Then you need to do some more anaerobic work and follow strong and steady wheels in the peleoton.
  • You have wrecked and missed the perfect opportunity? Asses you injuries quickly. If you aren’t hurt enough to pull out of the race quickly get back on the bike and make some new opportunities happen!
  • Has the heat gotten to you and you aren’t sure you can finish strong? Once again asses the severity of the problem/illness. If you are

What is the magic that makes these problems and many other beginner race problems go away?!?! There is a simple answer: TIME.

It takes time to: learn personal race tactics, develop observation skills and build fitness that allows you to be a part of the race decision making.

How can you compress this time and figure out more, sooner? That to has a simple answer, Hire a coach. Wether you hire me or another coach you will learn things faster and see yourself develop quicker than if you try to do it all on your own.

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