Do you know your training factors?

Last year I wrote a series of articles for a health magazine and have decided to re post them here starting this week. In the first series I went into great depth of what training factors are and covered each training factor and how they benefit cyclists using a structured/periodized training plan. Then I wrap up the whole article series with how training factors fit into periodized training. This is a very comprehensive article series and I hope you find in helpful. If you read it before I apologize as this series will only have been edited for content. Just wanted to give more people access to the articles I have written in the past.

The article series will appear in the following order:

  • Intro to training factors and the factor Endurance
  • Training Factors: Balance, Flexibility, Agility
  • Training Factors: Force, Power, Speed, Muscle Endurance, Anaerobic Endurance
  • Form – Putting it all together
  • Introduction to Periodization and base training
  • Heading to the finish line strong from Build to Transition to Race phases


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