Tip: How to quit stuffing your face

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92quickHere is another tip based on a reader request. How do I keep from eating so much? I am paraphrasing but this is the basis of the tips below.

I hired a sports nutrition coach, Kelli from Apex Nutrition, last summer and it has been a fantastic experience. So much so I have partnered with Kelli.

Much of what Kelli has taught me has been very common sense approach to eating right. A long the way I picked up some valuable tips on dealing with my intake of foods. I am going to share a few below.

Not eating more than I need to

  • Hire a nutritionist to discover what your Resting Metabolic Rate is so you know how much you should be eating in calories per day
  • I log everything I consume (Some days) so I can make sure I am not overspending my calorie budget
  • I plan meals in advance so I don’t have to over think my meals an leave anything to chance

Know what to eat and drink

  • Foods high in fiber will help curb appetites (Organic Fruits and Vegetables along with Whole Grains)
  • Good fats will help you feel full longer (Extra Virgin Olive and Coconut Oil along with Flax seed and Fish Oil)
  • Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and not consuming beverages with empty calories

Know when to eat

  • Eating several small meals a day spaced approx 2 hours apart can do wonder for digestion and metabolism
  • Not eating 2-3 hours before going to bed
  • Not eating 1-2 hours before a work out or race
  • Not skipping meals especially breakfast

Changing your diet is never an easy task and I have tried many things to keep from pigging out. While I was doing many of things above I still struggled to loose or keep weight off. What it boiled down to was portion control.

If you are frustrated with your diet and food choices don’t despair, Hire Kelly!

Until the next tip have a great ride,

Coach Rob

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  1. I hear you with the portion controls! I think that’s where I go wrong. Very often after a big training session, I end up eating loads, leaving me wondering if it would have been just as effective to not train as long and then eat less!?

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