Tip – Averting Wrecks

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92In this article in the series on bike handling tips I am going to cover skills that will help you to potentially avert wrecks.  Just like in the last article on effortless steering there are better ways to handle bikes. Knowing what situations to steer your bike away from and how to mange it if you find yourself in trouble is something all cyclists should know how to do.

Like all things it takes practice to perfect skills. Practicing the skills to avert a wreck isn’t something you will practice every week but you will come to use it on every ride once you learn how to put it into practice.

Hands on experience is the best method over reading a how to article so if you are interested in developing bike handling skills reach out to a local coach, team or cycling club and schedule a bike handling clinic. Can’t find hands on skill clinics? I will be more than happy to help. I do offer 1×1 skill camps with individuals and groups at reasonable rates. Click here to learn more.

Can’t make the trip to train with me? Then try to use the following guidelines.

Practicing the skills required to avert a wreck are both necessary and fun. Find a will friend or even a group of friends.

  •  Side by side(beginner)
    • Riding close side by side with a ridding buddy is a great way to get a feel for how close is to close.
    • Ride slowly side by side in a grass field
    • Ride shoulder to shoulder with out touching
    • If another cyclist can fit between the two of you you are not close enough
  • Bump(intermediate)
    • Just as with the above Side to Side drill ride side by side in a grass field
    • This time gently and slowly bump elbows and shoulders
    • If you go down in the grass you were either off balance, to aggressive or to fast
  • Grind(advanced)
    • Just as with the side by side ride you will ride side by side slowly in a grass filed
    • This time one rider will drop back until their front wheel over laps the rear of the rider in front
    • Here is the hard part the rider in the back needs to GENTLY tap his/her front wheel against the rear wheel in front of them
      • Do not turn into spokes if you can help it
      • Instead buzz the rear tire and or rim
    • The tendency will be to continue to turn into the wheel in front of you causing you to wreck
    • If you feel that your bike is about to go down you need to apply counter steer to stay upright
    • To do this simply turn away (turn in the opposite direction) from a potential fall


  • Be careful when you first try any new bike handling tips
  • Use an older bike and or older wheels
  • When practicing with a partner start off slowly
  • Use a grass fields in parks
  • Do not put your wheel in
  • Trying the above techniques will work differently with hands in the drops, hoods or tops of your bars.
  • The above tips are not meant for Time Trial bikes

I hope you enjoyed the averting wrecks tips. I will be posting one last tip on all the little things. Don’t’ forget to check out our new 1-on-1 Skills Camps.

Until next tip be careful and have a great ride,

Coach Rob

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