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It’s that time of year where competitive cyclists, runners and multisport athletes start to think about the next year of competition. I was trading emails with one of my athletes that I coach about training phases and the question about how each one lasts came up. I realized then that I had articles that I had written for a magazine last season on the subject of periodized training but had not posted them here.

Before I jump into periodized training I also wanted to pull together other resources that endurance athletes would benefit from when planning their new year.

I know when I got started utilizing structure in my training it felt like I was looking at a mountain of leg bricks. Full of promise but little direction I hope you find the following articles and posts helpful guides.

To also help for those just not quite ready to under take the below and relieve the confusion of structuring training I have reduced the price on all existing training plans!

Preparation for planning your season

Structuring your training

Training Factors Associated with periodized training

Training Zones and testing

Read everything and still overwhelmed? It takes time to digest all of this material and apply it to your lifestyle. However if you are really committed to making change and would rather train with structure personalized to your schedule and competitive goals then you are going to like this.  We are also discounting our Month-to-Month coaching services to 45.00 per month this holiday season. This discount is only available to new athletes that register with Positive Performance Coaching by Dec 31st 2012. The discount starts as soon as you register and continues on for the rest of the 2013 season!

I really do hope you found the above articles helpful in making decisions about your next season of training and racing. As always if you have questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this post

Coach Rob

Have a great ride

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  1. Are these training plans designed to work with something like TrainingPeaks ?

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