A Bad Day On The Bike or an Opportunity

Been a while since I posted a rant and I am not even sure I can call this post a rant but more of a reality check. I was “dinged” on one of my own competitive performances by a local athlete that I do not know personally. I won’t say what I thought about their response initially but now I find it humorous.

Recently I had a race that while the performance was better than expected I was still beaten big time! Lots of factors contributed to me not having as strong as of a race. Like any good coach I play CSI detective, look at the evidence and put together the good, the bad and the ugly of a race day. I will not be making any excuses here or to anyone about my performance! I know what went down and that is all that matters.

It was inferred by the local athlete that a coach must be stronger or even faster than his or her athletes. I am not in competition with my athletes and I take great pride in each and everyone that I coach and have coached. The athletes I have coached have met and exceeded their goals, some small and some absolutely huge. I promise you the reader and athlete I have several people I coach that would beat me hands down in a race and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am also an athlete with my own goals, worries, dreams and desires to succeed. Some years I meet and exceed my goals and other years I have a hard time. This year is by no means been a bad year for me as an athlete. It’s not even summer yet and I have managed 9th place in a world championship qualifier, been on the podium 3 times, 2 top 5s, and two 6th place finishes. But the race that stuck out was my most recent race, a top 20 finish and this is what I was dinged on. Amazing! I guess the old adage what have you done for me lately can be applied.

I have been very fortunate this year to have a full roster of athletes to coach and I am very happy with how the business is growing this season and the future looks very bright for Positive Performance Coaching and the PPC Strong Athletes! I have athletes that have improved their Functional Threshold Power by almost 30%, first-time racers that are finishing regularly in the top 5 and top 10 in some very competitive states and countries. All of us have a lot to be proud of.

Thanks to the athlete last week who gave me an opportunity to reflect on this season and the successes of PPC athletes, the business and even my own modest success as an athlete.  A bigger thanks go out to PPC Athletes and teammates that are just absolutely amazing people.

The biggest thanks of all go to my wife and kids who have supported me on this amazing adventure!

I wasn’t going to post this article after I wrote it because I felt that I was trying to justify my performances or was bragging to some random person. However, I want athletes to understand that eventually you too will have detractors/haters. This usually happens when you begin to have some success. Do not let this get you down and remember to lean on your support group/team.

Until next time be successful and,

Train Smarter Not Harder!

Coach Rob

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