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  1. What is the best recovery drink/food that you can recommend for middle-aged cyclists?

    I want the best, not the one that supported by the largest marketing & advertising budget.

  2. Great question! I and coach Kelli will go into greater depth on the upcoming Q and A for athletes show but will touch on a few items here. Regardless of age recovery nutrition is more or less the same. Where things differ are on how much training and or intensity you are trying to recover from. I have several things I eat after training depending on what I am in the mood for. When it comes to food I try to go with something that has quite a bit of protein and light on the carbs but my drink is just the opposite. However, if I am able to get well organized for a race I will create a recovery smoothly for after a race or hard group ride. Here is the recipe:
    1 half Scoop NonDenatured Whey Protein
    1 TBSP of Raw CoCoa Powder
    1 TBSP of Organic Nutbutter
    2-3 cups of chilled water
    Handful of ice
    Blend until smooth and pour into a Shake Cup for transport
    Sip slowly after a race or long ride or run.
    This recipe will contain approx 300-400 calories and is an excellent pick me up!

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