No Fat November on the Endurance Quick Cast


The month of November has been deemed, No Fat November by Coach Rob.

The month of November Coach Kelli and Coach Rob are going to be delivering 2-3 shows a week to help endurance athletes make this winter their leanest ever!

Look for weekly sports nutrition guidance from Coach Kelli while Coach Rob brings you training, technical guidance and helps you to select equipment to help you lose weight.

The plan is to have The Endurance Quick Cast, Bench Talk, and The Feed shows each week of November with each one dedicated to helping cyclists, runners and multisport athletes lose weight in the month of November and the whole winter! This should be approximately 12 shows that are all about making you leaner!!!

To make this even more of a challenge Coach Rob is going to follow all of his and Coach Kelli’s guidance in an effort to shed some unwanted weight as well. Coach Rob will report how he is progressing on each show! Can you keep up with Coach Rob?

Also, we will be doing a special Weight Loss Q&A show for our listeners either the last week of November or the first week  of December. So get your questions ready!

Coach Rob

4 Comments on “No Fat November on the Endurance Quick Cast”

  1. Loving the No Fat November – as well as all your previous shows!!

    I’m in the “want to lose the last 2kg” crowd and was wondering what’s the best way to do this? I usually train for a minimum of 2 hours a day with one rest day a week, eat mainly whole foods and drink alcohol maybe twice a month so generally pretty healthy. I just seem to struggle to get to and maintain my ‘race weight’ without starving myself!!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Emma for the words of encouragement and congrats on training as much as you do!!!

      It truly can be difficult to loose the last couple kilos but there some things you might want to try if you are not already employing them.

      1. No Meals after 7 PM
      2. Track all of the calories you are consuming daily
      3. Discover what your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is
      4. Eat approx 200-300 Calories less than your daily RMR
      5. Don’t starve yourself on rides. Take in approx 225-300 calories an hour while training
      6. Allow yourself a cheat meal on the weekends (unless your weight goes up then restrict cheat meals to once every two weeks)
      7. Eat MORE VEG!!!!
      8. Restrict non-training carbs to 125 grams per day
      9. No sugars or processed foods during the non-training part of the day
      10. To lose fat the most effective way possible as an endurance athlete you need to train 75% of the time at 50-65% of FTP or LT this time of the year
      11. If you are already doing the above and are still not having any luck I recommend the following
      A. Hire Coach Kelli to unravel what is going on with your diet
      B. Get blood work to ensure that your thyroid is functioning optimally

      If you are doing the above let us know. I will bring up your question on the wrap-up show with Coach Kelli and we may add to this list or update it.
      C. Get blood work to analyze your macronutrient status to see if there is anything missing that could be causing your metabolism to slow down.

  2. Thanks Rob!!

    I have had quite a lot of blood work done to trouble shoot another health problem and I’m pretty good with all my macro’s and my hormone function is normal.

    I’ll put everything else into practice and see how I go – but I definitely plan on downloading some of Kelli’s plans to help.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Emma,

      You are very welcome. Kelly and I will discuss your challenge on the athlete Q&A in the next week. I promise it’s not uncommon. Tune in to see if between Kelli and if we can provide further feedback.

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