profilepicPositive Performance Coaching – PPC delivers positive results to cyclists, runners and multisport athletes of all ability levels. So if you are a cyclist, runner or multisport athlete just getting started or have been racing for a while PPC can help you meet and maybe just maybe exceed your goals.

To learn more about PPC services check out our Coaching, Training Plans and Events pages. When you get a moment feel free to check out the extensive list of articles written on training, racing, cycling tips and product reviews.

Who is PPC?Coach Rob” is a licensed USA Cycling Coach, USA Track and Field Coach and cyclist with 10 plus years of cycling, running and racing in the Mid West and South East of the USA. Coach Rob is a father of 2, husband, and lives in Central Kentucky.

What does PPC offer that other Coaching Services might not offer?

  • Trust – Coaching is more than just training plans, what we discuss is 100% confidential
  • Value – Many athletes find that my rates are very competitive to other coaches.
  • Knowledge – I am a voracious reader and love sharing with my athletes what I have learned.
  • Lives in reality – Not everyone has time to train 20+ hours a week or even wants to race but everyone wants to IMPROVE!

Where is PPC Located? PPC is located in Central Kentucky between the cities of Louisville and Lexington Kentucky.

Why is Rob coaching? Read the bio below to learn a bit about why I am coaching.

A brief Bio on Coach Rob

I started racing BMX bikes as a kid on neighborhood tracks and graduated to my first road bike in middle school. In High School I joined a cycling club where I fell in love with riding distance for fun. Taking a break from riding I turned to Rock Climbing in college where I traveled to rock climbing destinations in the Mid Western, Southern and Western USA. After a brake from all things sports to start a family and focus on a technology career I found myself with two fantastic children a loving wife and 40 lbs. of excess flab! I made a point to get into shape quick.

I thought I was going to go into bodybuilding as a sport. Yes I am a self-proclaimed gym rat. While spending time in the gym running, lifting weights and stretching, boredom crept in and I decided to hop on a spin bike to break up the monotony. Three weeks later I broke out my old Road Bike and started riding again. It was like seeing cycling with a new set of eyes. At first I rode for fun but quickly recognized I needed goals and with goals came the desire to train to meet those goals.

I grabbed all the training books I could get my hands on and read what feels like 100s of web sites on the topic of cycling. I then selected charity rides then a ride across Kentucky as my early goals. After finishing 3rd in the 3-day ride across my home state of KY I started to think that I was fast enough to race. A year later I entered my first race as an unattached citizen in a Road Race. Then after a season of riding and racing unattached I co-founded a local cycling team.

After racing for a few years I began to chronicle my knowledge on racing and training topics at a site known as The Coached Cyclist. I did this at first to get everything out of my head so I could quit thinking so much about training and actually train. Funny thing happened cyclists started to read my articles and ask for more articles on more cycling topics. Then I was asked if I could help a few cyclists with their training and I said yes.

Almost a year later I find myself being called Coach Rob and I love it.

If you came across this site and don’t feel your ready for a coach I completely understand. Hiring a coach can seem like costly and even daunting enterprise, I know. If you are on the fence about hiring a coach or don’t think you can afford it give me a call and let see if we can work something out.

Rob “Coach Rob” Grissom

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