FunkAway is the best odor eliminating spray out there! Spray it on your smelly clothes, shoes or gear and let the odor disappear!

Now there’s a way to eliminate odor from sport and work gear before things get ugly. New FunkAway attacks the putrid smell of sweat created by hard work and play. And it doesn’t just mask the odor, it totally removes it.

It’s the perfect solution for anything that doesn’t typically get laundered, or that you can’t wash right away.

You’ll FUNKIN’ love it!

Apex Nutrition exists to help endurance athletes Fuel their bodies during training and competitions, and Nourish their bodies every day. The nutrition plans focus on optimal daily and training nutrition, supplementation, obtaining a healthy and advantageous strength to weight ratio, optimal metabolism, and ongoing health and wellness. Apex was founded by Kelli Jennings, Registered Dietitian (RD), as a Sports Nutrition Plan and Nutrition Coaching service that combines detailed, “just tell me what to eat” meal planning with experienced & expert personal coaching from an endurance athlete who’s been there, endures, and excels!
Irish Cycles was born in 2007 to an answer to a question that has vexed most all cycling enthusiasts and racers over the years – how do I get the maximum performance at a price that allows me to concentrate my efforts on riding, racing or other performance based riding?
Throughout our history and on to tomorrow, we’ve focused on bringing you the customer the best in what the industry has to offer. We’ve chosen our industry partners carefully – those who represent the top of the line in their respective commodities and those who have shown they stand behind their product with fast and expeditious service whether to us or directly to you. SRAM, Campagnolo, Carolina, Time, Ciamillo… The list goes on..
At Power Meter City, we focus on ONE area and one area only: bicycle power meters. We don’t deal with other bike parts or components, clothing, coaching or anything else that can distract us from what we love – yes, power meters! Our singular focus means we are your power meter specialists – and can offer you the best possible advice and service. It also means a larger selection (we’re adding more products all the time) and more power meter-related content and resources.
Spring was founded in 2014 with a strong belief that sports nutrition can be made with natural ingredients. Food is a powerful source of energy and nature does not need to be corrected in a laboratory. We took what is offered by nature and carefully crafted a line of nutrition products for endurance athletes. We want to bring back the joy of training and racing without GI problems, sugar highs and dips and negative effects of low quality ingredients and chemicals. Driven by science, equipped with vast athletic experience and inspired by passion for a healthy life style, we designed a unique formula for a 100% natural product.