The Feed – Make BIG Gains by Supplementing With Creatine

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Coach Rob covers a wide range of subjects and questions related to the supplementation of creatine. Learn about loading, dosing, and scientifically proven gains made when utilizing creatine in your supplement regime. Coach Rob also shares which endurance athletes will truly benefit from creatine along with the best times to utilize creatine. Rob also shares an update on Coach Kelly.

The Power of Self Talk and Cycling

I had been reminded of a racing story I had shared some time ago that I covered in a quick tip called “Vertical Head Trips”. Originally Posted by Coach Rob on The gist of the story was this: I was in the last 3rd of grueling road race in a field that was split. The main group was far … Read More

Bench Talk – All About Action Cameras

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There is no shortage of MFG choices and options today but why should an athlete even concern themselves with an action camera? As a coach and athlete, I have found action camera footage invaluable for many reasons. So let’s cover the Who, what, when, how where and why of action cameras on today’s Bench Talk.