Hacking the mind to take the win

Regardless of the situation, all humans face some sort of anxiety in their lives and athletes are no different. Early on in my race career, I discovered that my own head and thoughts could get in the way of performing as well as I wanted to in races. Between coaches, teammates and even the athletes, I coach I have learned … Read More

Hard Earned Duathlon Guidance, Tips and Tricks

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Coach Rob shares his own experiences as a Duathlete and Multisport coach this week on the Endurance Quickcast. This is an information packed show so sharpen your pencils and typing skills. Because if you are a Multisport athlete, Coach Rob is going to tell you what it takes to make the podium as an age grouper or even how to make your national team!

How to Train Successfully Without Power or Heart Rate Data

When I first started training to become a faster cyclist I didn’t have a power meter or even a heart rate monitor. All I trained with was a bike computer that supported a speed and cadence sensor and I got fast! I went from being able to barely hold on to the pack or falling off the back in group … Read More

Fatigue guidance

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Coach Rob received a question about what could be causing an athlete’s fatigue. So Rob has decided to share some of what was discussed with this athlete on the Endurance QuickCast this week.

Getting Sponsored

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Coach Rob talks about getting sponsored this week and shares some of his hard earned experience and what it means to be sponsored as an athlete. You might be surprised how easy it is to get sponsored. The trick is picking the right sponsors.