Tip: time to make an attitude adjustment

I recently heard a definition of thermo dynamics and thought about maintaining a positive attitude. Energy is neither created nor destroyed only transferred. I also strongly believe what you put out will come back to you. If you have noticed on the blog I keep things very positive. I do this because I feel that negative actions, comments or attitude … Read More

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I have mentioned on this blog several times that I have gained much of my experience by reading and practicing. This year I have flirted with gaining more knowledge. One is nutrition and the other is sports psychology that I find very interesting.

Tip: Close the door on your competition

When competing in a large circuit or criterium its almost impossible to maintain your position if you aren’t at least in the top 10 of the peloton.

Tip: Rest carefully

I know I recently posted a tip on rest and recovery, but a tip I remembered on the subject may prove very helpful. After completing long or very hard blocks of training or even very stressful races. Think multiple crits in a day, stage races, or even ultra distance events. Not only do you need to take time down immediately … Read More