Tip: Time to warm up

If you are going out to hammer on the bike you need to be ready. For years I heard about the need to warm up for races and training efforts. In the fall, winter and early spring I understood this, as where I live and ride can get down right cold. What I didn’t understand is that what is really … Read More

Tip: How to stay cool in a pace line

If you have been riding for a while and riding in club rides or races you have been introduced to the pace line. Love them or hate them they are fast and nerve racking at times. There are some things you can do to relax and enjoy the advantages of a pace line. Do not look at the rear wheel … Read More

Tip: The cool down

We go out and train and race and train but do we finish the deed? We build up “junk” in our bodies and if we don’t deal with it our performance will suffer. This is more of a formula than a tip. After a race/hard training: Ride immediately afterwards below your aerobic heart rate for 10-20% the distance of your … Read More

Tip: Keeping the descents fun

One of the greatest things about riding a bike or racing one is bombing down a hill as fast as you can, right? If you find descents over 30 MPH terrifying you aren’t alone, lots of riders do. However if you can learn a few tricks it’s not so bad and you might even crack a smile. As you approach … Read More