Tip: Keeping the descents fun

One of the greatest things about riding a bike or racing one is bombing down a hill as fast as you can, right? If you find descents over 30 MPH terrifying you aren’t alone, lots of riders do. However if you can learn a few tricks it’s not so bad and you might even crack a smile. As you approach … Read More

Tip: Don’t freak out its just a bump

If you are new to racing if you haven’t been bumped you will be. Does the idea of making physical contact at 25-30 MPH freak you out or what! If you are going to continue to race your bike in anything but a Time Trial then you must get use to this. Find some friends with bikes and an open … Read More

Tip: Listen Up

What do you do when all of the sudden your performance starts to suffer or your head isn’t in the game? If you are like most hammer heads you push on instead of listening to your body. Get out of the way of your ego and take some time off the bike before you wreck or get sick.

Tip: Sliding back

Not much of a climber or just find yourself facing the last climb of the day and praying for less vertical conditions? Try this in your next group ride or race. Slide back. To do this make sure you are at the front of the main group as you approach the climb. As you begin to fade just ever so … Read More