This plan is a complete annual structured plan to cover an entire season (Approx 11 mos) of training for competitive racing. The plan is intended for beginner competitive road cyclists who participates in road races, circuit races, criteriums, and Time Trials. The annual plan will cover all off season and in season training phases such as Base, Build, Transition, Peaking and Racing. The plan will cover both on and off bike work outs that address the most common weaknesses of beginner racers. The on bike work outs can be done on a trainer, rollers or outdoors if weather permits. The off bike work outs weights based strength exercises.

The Cat 5 Road Racing plan will cover approx 300 hours of annual training not including race time. The training plan will include two scheduled performance peaks. The first performance peak will be in mid spring and the other will be in late summer. Requirements for this plan include a reliable bike, trainer and access to a *gym. *You may skip all weights based strength training if you do not have access to a gym or are not comfortable lifting weights.This plan will be made available to you through a new Training Peaks basic account. The plan will include detailed instructions and notes on all workouts. You will get daily reminders emailed to your email address letting you know what workouts you need to complete on a given day.

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