The Power of Self Talk and Cycling

I had been reminded of a racing story I had shared some time ago that I covered in a quick tip called “Vertical Head Trips”. Originally Posted by Coach Rob on The gist of the story was this: I was in the last 3rd of grueling road race in a field that was split. The main group was far … Read More

Hacking the mind to take the win

Regardless of the situation, all humans face some sort of anxiety in their lives and athletes are no different. Early on in my race career, I discovered that my own head and thoughts could get in the way of performing as well as I wanted to in races. Between coaches, teammates and even the athletes, I coach I have learned … Read More

How to Train Successfully Without Power or Heart Rate Data

When I first started training to become a faster cyclist I didn’t have a power meter or even a heart rate monitor. All I trained with was a bike computer that supported a speed and cadence sensor and I got fast! I went from being able to barely hold on to the pack or falling off the back in group … Read More

US Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Discounts

It has been my pleasure to coach several active duty and retired military personnel since I became a coach. I have also had the pleasure of knowing and working with several firefighters in my life. So I would like to give back in a small way. All active duty, retired and veterans of the US Armed Forces, State, and Local … Read More

The myth of being in “starvation mode”

I was speaking with an athlete recently and I may have contributed to a myth. The idea that you can restrict calories and not lose weight is a myth. Instead what is likely is one of two other issues. One, the athlete’s metabolic rate may be slowing or two, the athlete has been gaining muscle. How can you tell the … Read More

Are You Training Enough

There are no perfect ways to determine if you are training right or training enough. Besides, perfect is often the enemy of good or even great results. I have tried several methods to determine the appropriate amount of volume when building training plans. I have used simple formulas from only increasing training volume by 20% every few weeks, to published … Read More