Power data can tell you what type of cyclist you are


Power data can tell you what type of cyclist you are In our last article we discussed the various ways to measure your power. Did you know that not only can you use those measures to determine what your Functional Threshold Power is but also that you could use the other data you have been collecting to determine what kind … Read More

No Fat November on the Endurance Quick Cast


The month of November has been deemed, No Fat November by Coach Rob. The month of November Coach Kelli and Coach Rob are going to be delivering 2-3 shows a week to help endurance athletes make this winter their leanest ever! Look for weekly sports nutrition guidance from Coach Kelli while Coach Rob brings you training, technical guidance and helps … Read More

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure


Having a power meter, learning about the different power terms/jargon and watching the wattage numbers wiz by on your bike computer is going to loose it’s appeal shortly after you get your power meter installed. So what is a cyclist to do?   Test and test regularly!  Why?  You can’t improve what you Don’t Measure Dr. H. James Harrington , … Read More

New PPC Partner – Power Meter City

Power Meter City(1)

Coach Rob has partnered with PowerMeterCity.com to offer the best in power meters and power meter supporting devices. As part of this partnership, the owner of Power Meter City was nice enough to come on to Bench Talk to speak with me about all things power and power meters. Check out the show here. As part of this partnership, I … Read More

Improving Your FTP NOW


Welcome to the first article of many this season in what I am calling the Season of Power at Positive Performance Coaching. These articles will also be posted at our partner’s site Power Meter City.  You will find some fantastic offers at the bottom of this article on purchasing a power meter and even how to get a free training plan … Read More

10 habits of successful competitive runners


In my time coaching competitive endurance athletes I have learned some truths about what it takes to develop a successful athlete. These are not hard and fast rules or even magic workouts. Instead I would classify these as athletic mentality, habits or even traits.  The mentality, habits or traits that I have found that benefit my runners the most are … Read More