Hydrating Strategies and Recipes

Hydration is fundamental to many physiological processes in and out of sports. With even a loss of 1% in body mass due to dehydration, you can expect your athletic performance to suffer. Dehydration increases core temperatures, speeds up carbohydrate oxidation, and muscle glycogenolysis. This simply means you are going to go through your energy reserves faster than if you were … Read More

Recovery Fueling Strategies and Recipes

“Your training isn’t over until you have fueled your recovery.” Learn what goes into the nutrition and timing of recovery. A supercharged recipe is included for athletes that demand evidence-based approaches to their nutrition.

Athletic success demands critical thinking skills

As you progress as an athlete you must be able to think through both positive and negative athletic outcomes without being hard on yourself. The development of critical thinking skills can mean the difference between staying with the sport you love or abandoning it altogether. The Foundation For Critical Thinking describes critical thinking as “the intellectually disciplined process of actively … Read More

The Power of Self Talk and Cycling

I had been reminded of a racing story I had shared some time ago that I covered in a quick tip called “Vertical Head Trips”. Originally Posted by Coach Rob on LovingTheBike.com The gist of the story was this: I was in the last 3rd of grueling road race in a field that was split. The main group was far … Read More

Hacking the mind to take the win

Regardless of the situation, all humans face some sort of anxiety in their lives and athletes are no different. Early on in my race career, I discovered that my own head and thoughts could get in the way of performing as well as I wanted to in races. Between coaches, teammates, and even the athletes, I coach I have learned … Read More

How to Train Successfully Without Power or Heart Rate Data

When I first started training to become a faster cyclist I didn’t have a power meter or even a heart rate monitor. All I trained with was a bike computer that supported a speed and cadence sensor and I got fast! I went from being able to barely hold on to the pack or falling off the back in group … Read More