Hydrating Strategies and Recipes

Hydration is fundamental to many physiological processes in and out of sports. With even a loss of 1% in body mass due to dehydration, you can expect your athletic performance to suffer. Dehydration increases core temperatures, speeds up carbohydrate oxidation, and muscle glycogenolysis. This simply means you are going to go through your energy reserves faster than if you were … Read More

Recovery Fueling Strategies and Recipes

“Your training isn’t over until you have fueled your recovery.” Learn what goes into the nutrition and timing of recovery. A supercharged recipe is included for athletes that demand evidence-based approaches to their nutrition.

February Featured Smoothie Recipe

Last month I started a new article series on my favorite smoothie recipes and it’s already the tail end of February. So it’s time for one of my go to recipes. I am a huge fan of berries. The brighter and the darker in color the better. I sometimes think I could eat several metric tons every year. I am … Read More

Age groupers hitting the wall on training weekdays

When endurance athletes are in training and are applying copious volume and intensity they are going to get tired. There is just no way around it. I have written and spoken on the subject many times. However, I have seen several of my age groupers hitting a wall of fatigue when they reach Thursdays. This usually happens in athletes in … Read More

Ahtletes may loose weight differnetly than the general population

Like any project or managed tasks, one can apply tactics to ensure success or mitigate failure and weight management is no exception. In a recent article at ScienceDaily.com, the author (Joanna Ladzinski) of the study has shown that “Whether you lose or gain weight depends on weekdays”. The author is referring to weight loss cycles and the contributors to the … Read More

Do you smell ammonia after a workout? Here is why

Do you ever have an ammonia smell that you just can’t find after a workout? This phantom smell was driving me crazy!, so I did a little investigation. Before I begin I want to add a small disclaimer. I do not claim to be an expert on this subject. I am not a doctor and have no medical background, nor … Read More