The right sports drink

One of the aspects of nutrition that we cyclists don’t give much thought to is hydration. We think that I’ll just drink water or buy a sports/energy drink for my ride. It’s just easy to run some tap water into a bike bottle or just purchase a sports drink during a store stop. I will admit that some sports drinks … Read More

Getting More From your Coach – 10 Lessons Learned…

I have been fortunate to coach a cross section of athletes in the few seasons I have been a coach. When working with Recreational and competitive cyclists, runners and multisport athletes I have witnessed a pattern of behaviors that has lead me to change how I coach from time to time. I have been pondering why these behaviors and actions … Read More

Training Periodization Part 1/2

I have heard from quite a few of my readers who are excited to learn more about training periodization when I first mentioned it in the very first article I wrote on training factors. You are going to love this article series! I finally start to tie it all together. I may have confused some of my readers in the … Read More