Week-to-Week $130.00 Per Month

You have been racing for awhile and now want to step up your efforts and compete at a higher level. Maybe you are getting tired of the same old centuries and want help getting ready for some brevets or a grand fondo or 2.You will be provided with a custom training plan that is focused on intermediate fitness and beginning competition. You will receive approximately 450-550 hours of annual training after you have completed your athlete profile.  Your athlete profile with help us understand your goals, objectives and events or races that you plan on participating in. You will also test to discover your strengths and weaknesses which will also figure in to your annual training plan.

  • No Set Up Fee (normally 50.00)
  • 2 Month commitment
  • Free Basic TrainingPeaks.com account
  • Communications: One phone call per week, 1 Video Call per month, texting available and up to 4 emails per week
  • Train with a Heart Rate Monitor or Power Meter – Power Meter preferred

Optional Services

  • Sports Nutrition Assessment    $40.00 for BASIC nutrition assessment
  • Sports Nutrition Coaching    $40 per month for 2 follow-up emails & replies per month
  • *Bike Fitting $150.00 Per Bike Per 2 hour session
  • *Ride with your Coach – 4 Times Per Year
  • *Mandatory (field) – Lactate Threshold Optional – Optional (field) Functional Threshold Power
  • *Skills Clinic: 1 Clinic – Does not cover travel, lodging or meals

Contact us if you have questions are ready to sign up.


* May require travel on coaches part. Monthly coaching services fee does not cover travel, lodging or meals.

** May be accomplished via Video Call or travel. Monthly coaching services fee does not cover travel, lodging or meals.