12 Week Base Training Plan and Clinic


One of the best things any athlete can do is to build a solid base of fitness in the off season. This way of training is often referred to as base training as the athlete is building a strong foundation of fitness to build from. In this download you will not receive a 12 week training plan in PDF Format but also a Virtual Clinic on Base Training!

Create a strong foundation to build from this off-season with this periodized training plan.

  • PPC Training Plan IconTraining Plan Introduction
  • General Training Plan Notes
  • Establishing Your Training Zones
  • HR and Power Zones
  • RPE Zones
  • Week 1-12 Training Detailed
  • Taking It To The Next Level
  • Individual Workout Descriptions   

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Base Training for Cyclists Virtual Clinic runs Approx 30 minutes and covers the following:

  • IntroductionsScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.02.53 AM
  • Introduction to Base Training
  • Base Training Objectives
  • Base training, Training Factors
  • Review of Base Training Blocks
  • Plan Overview
  • Workout details
  • What’s next

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