High Intensity Interval Training Plan


While there are no true training programs that will miraculously make you faster in a few weeks. However, if all you ever do is “ride hard” or “just race” or “only go long” you are missing out by not training smarter. In this plan, I will introduce a smarter way for you the cyclist to train at higher intensities that you will be exposed to in fast group rides and mass start races.

HIIT or High-intensity interval training is often touted as the holy grail of training for athletes who have very little time to train or who have stopped seeing gains in their regular training.


Build your power, anaerobic endurance, and VO2 max the quickest way possible!

  • Training Plan Introduction
  • General Training Plan Notes
  • Establishing Your Training Zones
  • HR and Power Zones
  • RPE Zones
  • Week 1-6 Training Detailed
  • Taking It To The Next Level
  • Individual Workout Descriptions

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Hit Plan Workout Files

This plan comes with 13 Workout FIles saved in the following formats, erg, fit, mrc, zwo. These 52 files along with a document that has links embedded on directions on importing these files and a read me file have been compressed in a single zip file. Positive Performance Coaching does not offer any tech support for the importation of the files for bike computers or smart trainer applications with this download but may offer assistance via consulting services.

Training Plan Communication

You may email Coach Rob once a week for 6 weeks starting the day of the purchase with plan questions. Coach Rob will respond to questions in 1-2 business days. Questions should be well formed and not broad if you want to receive the quickest response.


Coach Rob Audio Training Plan Guidance and Notes:

This MP3 audio file can be used to gain further understanding into what Coach Rob has written in the plan. Rob goes over in more detail on:

  • Workout descriptions
  • Special consideration
  • Training weeks
  • Workout organization
  • Age concerns as they pertain to recovery

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