Season Opener Development Plan


Not all cyclists start their passion for cycling with a power meter and heart rate strap. So why should they be penalized when it comes time to apply structure to their training?  I created this plan for new and experienced cyclists who want to improve their average speed and develop the necessary explosive power and force to hang on in tough group rides and mass start races without the expensive power meter and cumbersome heart rate strap. If you have been looking for a no-nonsense training plan to getting faster and hanging on when the pace gets faster this plan is for you!!!!

Athletes who purchase training plans now have the ability to email Coach Rob questions about the plan 1x per week for the documented duration of the training plan! this means that in the case of the Season Opener Development Plan the athlete will be able to email Coach Rob a total of 6 times or 1x per week for 6 weeks.

Start developing the force, power, and speed to make this the best season ever!

  • Training Plan Introduction
  • General Training Plan Notes
  • Establishing Your Training Zones
  • HR and Power Zones
  • RPE Zones
  • Week 1-6 Training Detailed
  • Taking It To The Next Level
  • Individual Workout Descriptions

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Number of pages: 20 Pages
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Media Dimensions: 8×10
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Coach Rob Audio Training Plan Guidance and Notes:

This MP3 audio file can be used to gain further understanding into what Coach Rob has written in the plan. Rob goes over in more detail on:

  • Workout descriptions
  • Special consideration
  • Training weeks
  • Workout organization
  • Age concerns as they pertain to recovery

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Availability: File is available for downloaded up to 5x within one year of purchase

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