Nutrition has become a huge part of my and competitions this year. I have lost and felt better in my day-to-day life. This all has come about due to my nutrition coach and coaching partner from Apex Nutrition. I am very much a and slow to make changes in my so sticking to my nutrition plans has been no exception. It has been an at times I feel like I am winning and other times not so much.

I have noticed a bit of psychology on my part where when things are going well I slack off. and nutrition are no exception.

A few weeks ago I went off the rails and ate a bunch of junk food. I won’t give a list of what and how much jut believe me when I say it was a bad idea.

When first learned how to write software code I learned about an acronym that fits what I just went through.

Garbage In Garbage Out – G.I.G.O.
So after eating a bunch of junk the following occurred and it lasted for about 2 days.

  • Felt like crud
  • Didn’t rest well
  • Felt weak
  • Was not able to produce good power
  • Was at least 5 MPH slower
  • Had a hard time getting my Heart Rate up

While many of the ailments above sound very subjective I can tell you that this was very much a problem. So the Cliche of you are what you eat may not exactly be right but it does make sense to think of nutrition as fuel. So make sure to fuel up with premium fuels! Whole foods (Veggies, Fruits, Grains) Lean Proteins (Fish, Chicken and Even or Casein Protein) Fluids (Water,water, water)

So I am behaving myself nutritionally and it really shows! My is stronger, set a new PR in a recent 5K, resting HR is greatly improved and maybe more importantly my mood is better and I don’t feel like crud.

If you think you need help in Fueling Right you can contact me or Kelli to learn more about how you can improve your nutrition. If you recently fell had a run in with junk food like like I did check out Kelli’s Detox Smoothie recipe. It helped me!

Have a great ride.

Coach Rob