Coach Rob offers consulting services covering product testing, product development and performance consulting.

Writing and or Social Media

Want Coach Rob to write for your blog, magazine or host/co-host one or more social media events? Coach Rob has extensive experience in writing for and hosting webinars for endurance athletes. Coach Rob was also the founder and co-host of one of the most successful podcasts in cycling!

Hourly rate is negotiable

Performance Consulting

Not ready to hire a coach but would like to ask coach Rob some questions or seek some guidance on training, racing or performance issues? Coach Rob’s services can be secured at an hourly or agreed to fixed cost for an agreed to duration.

Hourly rate is $50.00

Product Testing

Have a new product or service you want to bring to market? Coach Rob is more than happy to review your products or services if he isn’t already doing so for a competitor. Product testing can include but is not limited to both hard fact and subjective feedback. Depends on the product or service.

Hourly rate is $50.00

Event or Race Consulting

Want to host a new endurance event or race but have never done so? Coach Rob has hosted events, races and clinics and can help you to navigate the pitfalls.

Hourly rate is $50.00

Product Development

Want to create a new product or service for endurance athletes? Let coach Rob, his athletes and or his Partners help you bring your new product or service to market.

Hourly Rate is negotiable.

To learn more or to request Coach Rob’s time please use the following contact form.

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