[icon type=”microphone” style=”font-size: 55px; color: black;”]  Coach Rob has been giving presentations and speaking in front of large audiences for 20+ years. Coach Rob started presenting and speaking when he first began his career in the technology sector for such companies as CompuServe, Internet Magic, Lexmark International¬† and OpenIAM. Coach Rob now speaks to small, medium and large business audiences on a myriad of topics. Coach Rob also speaks with groups of athletes on topics covering motivation, technical topics relation to human and or mechanical performance.

Coach Rob can speak to professionals at all levels from front line staff to C level executives on:

  • Athletic teams
  • Leadership
  • Practical means for improving employee performance
  • Improving the state of Human Performance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Technology in Sports
  • Motivation
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Event Marketing and Planning
  • Effective uses of Social Media

If you would like to learn more how Coach Rob can speak to your specific audience please use the contact form below.

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