No such thing as an off-season!
Running form guidance and corrective actions
US Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Discounts
The dos and don’ts of running for cyclists x-training
Preparatory Training Phase
The Warm Up and the Cool Down

I was recently asked by one of my athletes to share some details on warming up. Warming up for a training ride or a race can

The bucket list ride - Lake Como to Nice

Positive Performance athlete Tim Gibson of Australia contacted me at the end of last season and told me he wanted to climb some mountains and not

Tip - Effortless steering

We cyclists take all kinds of skills for granted like how to pedal, brake, and even guiding our bikes.  Just like in the last article on

Tip - Putting on the breaks

As a cyclist you are going to have to stop fast, really fast. This could be due to a car pulling out in front of you,

Know your training zones Part 1 of 2

If you have been reading articles at PPC for awhile you know how much importance we put on periodized training. One of the foundational concepts of

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