A guest talks multi-day racing and the coach athlete relationship

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We have a guest!

This week on the Endurance QuickCast I have a PPC athlete on the show with me. Welcome, Derek Moran!

So on today’s show, Derek and I are going to talk quite a bit about multi day racing as well as the coach athlete relationship with our guest and PPC athlete.

Before we get started I have some quick notes and an offer…

Note: Before you get out pencil and paper for the show I want to let everyone know that this show will have extensive show notes. To find the show notes simply go to PositivePerformanceCoaching.com/blog/ or search for the show title on our website.

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OK let’s get back to the basis of this show…

Background on Derek

Derek is a USAC Cat 2 road racer who is a career professional, husband, and father of four and has been with PPC for several years. He specializes in multi day racing such as omniums and stage races but also participates frequently in one-day criteriums, road races, MTB, CX and Gravel races.

Phew!!!! What I want everyone to understand about Derek is that even with a job and a large family he is able to get the training in and compete at a high level ALL SEASON!

  • Welcome to the show Derek! You are the first PPC athlete on the show and I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me on the show! Did I leave anything out or anything you want to add to the introduction?
    • Derek’s additions to the introduction
  • When did you start racing and what or who inspired you to start racing? What inspires and drives you today to continue to race at a high level?
    • Derek answers and expands on the inspiration
  • When did I start coaching you within this timeline? Were you a cat 5 or 4 when we started working together?
    • Derek answers and expands on the timeline
  • What do you, Derek, find that has been the most helpful working with me as your coach?
    • Derek answers and expands on coaching
  • Derek what are omniums and stage races and what are the big differences between the two?
  • Why have you gravitated towards multi day races?
    • Derek answers and expands on definitions and his reason for participating
  • What has helped you the most in preparing for a multi-day race?
    • Derek answers and expands on preparations
  • What are your favorite workouts and why?
    • Derek answers and expands on favorite workouts
  • What are your least favorite workouts and why?
    • Derek answers and expands on least favorite workouts
  • What do you like the most about being coached? Would you say it’s been a wise investment on your part?
    • Derek answers and expands on coaching value
  • Do you find that are specific workouts that have offered you the most adaptations for multi-day racing or any type of racing for that matter?
    • Derek answers and expands on workout adaptations
  • Were you ever surprised by things you have learned along the way working with me or my methods of coaching? I guess what I am getting at is did you have a certain set of expectations going into my coaching service that I didn’t meet or maybe exceeded?
    • Derek answers and expands on coaching expectations
  • How important is nutrition to you when you are training, racing and even recovering?
    • Derek answers and expands on nutrition importance
  • What are your favorite sports nutrition brands or daily nutrition items?
    • Derek answers and expands on fav nutrition
  • You have raced and trained with power I believe since day one. Do you think you would have been able to get where you are today in the amount of time you have dedicated to training and racing without using a power meter?
    • Derek answers and expands on training with power
  • What aspects of training of power do you find frustrating or incredibly important?
    • Derek answers and expands on training with power
  • Speaking of equipment such as power meters do you feel that bikes and cycling technology play as big a role in the success or failure in race outcomes as marketing and media would like consumers to believe?
    • Derek answers and expands on equipment
  • What are some of your favorite pieces, bikes, wheel, cock pit choices?
    • Derek answers and expands on equipment
  • Shaved legs or the full on cave man?
    • Derek answers and expands on shaving
  • All athletes go through the woulda, coulda, shouldas but If you had to do things differently since you started racing what things would you have done differently?
    • Derek answers and expands on doing things differently
  • What sort of advice would you give to those thinking about starting racing or that might even be having a tough time with racing?
    • Derek answers and expands on race advice
  • Any parting words of wisdom, advice or other things you would like to pass on to the EQC listeners?
    • Derek’s parting words of advice…

If you have questions specifically for Derek, I will forward them to Derek and get answers on the next Q and A show coming soon! With that being said I NEED QUESTIONS gang!!!!! I also ask that you share links to the shows, leave comments on the shows at PPC as well leave positive reviews at iTunes and Facebook!
Thanks, everyone one for tuning in and if you are a past or present PPC athlete in good standing and would like to be on the show let me know and we will get something set up!

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Music for show intro, outro, and mid-play break: “Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA
Intro and Outro music: Battle from the Crime Scene Album from Jahzzar
Mid-play break music: Please Listen Carefully from the Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes Album

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