Apr-May Athlete Q&A

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Quick-Cast-Final-150x150We love our question and answer shows. We learn so much from our athletes, readers, and listeners. Below in the show notes are some of the questions that Coach Rob goes over on this show. We would love to have you send us, even more, questions for our next Q and A show at the end of the month. Send us a tough or interesting question and who knows we may do a whole show on it. Make it real interesting and we may even put you on the show! Just leave your questions and show ideas here.

  • We interrupt the questions with some Show News
  • Should I be placing emphasis on a W/kg for training zones?
  • A question and an issue with Body Types?
  • How do I recover from a long training session, race or event?
  • What is Soft Pedaling?
  • Why does my Aero Bike hurt my neck?
  • How does the wind affect cadence?
  • What is proper cycling posture?
  • What is proper running posture?
  • Should I only be breathing through my nose when I run and or ride my bike?

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