Athletic Success is Rarely Accidental it Requires Preperation

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Quick-Cast-Final-300x263Coach Rob covers in this week Endurance Quick Cast the importance of being prepared as an athlete. This show is for all endurance athletes and coach Rob covers topics for Cyclists, Runners and Multisport athletes.

  • How athletes may win but sill not be happy with their performances
  • The conversations that happen between coaches and athletes that aren’t happy with performance and or outcomes
  • Mentally preparing for success
  • How experience often drives goals related to performance rather than outcomes
  • Perfection is not desirable but practice is
  • Racing More
  • How mental attitudes can lead to poor performances or worse
  • Long term overnight success and how to handle these new successes
  • Getting the blues after winning
  • Successful athletes train for performance not outcomes and have a critical eye when it comes to their performances
  • Practice tempers both positive and negative outcomes
  • Writing your own mental preparedness script
  • When and how to practice your script

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