Bench Talk – Guest interview and its all about power and power meters

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BENCHtalk_final-300x266As promised we have a guest on the show and we are going to talk about power and power meters for cyclists. This show is jam packed with information. Join Coach Rob an Josh Matthews the owner of as they spend time talking about the following


  • Josh’s introduction to power in MTB racing
  • Why Josh decided to open a power meter only store
  • We discuss who benefits the most from having a power meter
  • The prime benefits of utilizing a power meter, including using over just Hear Rate data
  • How power meters change the way Josh trained and raced
  • We discuss different types of Power Meters and their pros and cons
  • Why there are so many different types of power meters and which type benefits which type of cyclist
  • he best selling power meter at your store
  • Coach Rob gets a great answer to the question: If you could corner a Power Meter Naysayer, what would you tell them to change their minds about power meters
  • We discuss the hardest things for new and even existing power meter owners to understand
  • Josh gives out a coupon code to save 10% off of your next power meter purchase

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