Bench Talk – Secrets to Gluing Tubulars

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Welcome back form the long holiday break. While its cold out for many of us and we can’t ride outside we can take care of some much needed bike maintenance. This had me thinking about all of the tips I have learned over the years about gluing up tubulars. With that said I decided to takeBENCHtalk_final-300x266 a break from the building a project bike series to cover the secrets I have learned gluing tubulars.





On today’s show we are going to talk about:

  • Your Work Space
  • The Right Tools
  • The 6 steps to gluing up your tubulars
  • Cleaning Up after mounting

Below are some photos showing some of the steps:

The CP 90s in the pictures below are a prototype wheel set hand built by my sponsor Carolina Precision Components and Irish Cycles. I will do a post or show on these awesome wheels in the future.

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