Bench Talk – Selecting the right running shoe

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BENCHtalk_final-150x150Runners aren’t the only athletes that need running shoes but what seems to happen with both runners and non runners a like, is the lack of knowledge on selecting the right shoe for their needs. Coach Rob covers lots of ground in this information packed show on running shoes. Have you ever asked yourself there has to be a better running and wonder why you haven’t found it yet. Have a listen and learn the right way to find your perfect shoes! This show is aimed at runners but all athletes can learn how selecting the right running shoes can impact their auxiliary training performances.

Coach Rob covers the following topics in the weeks Bench Talk:

  • Running shoe categories
  • Types of running shoes based on bio mechanics
  • Material selections
  • Getting the right professionals involved to help you make the right selection
  • The runners interview and tests
  • Orthotics, custom and semi custom foot bed selections
  • Pre fitting tips
  • Maintenance and replacement tips


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