Disaster strikes the studio and Coach Rob gets interviewed

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The show has been down due to some studio equipment failure but Coach Rob is trying to get some shows out without some of the studio equipment. Sorry to everyone about the show delays and the format change.

A former club mate who is working on a degree in kinesiology recently interviewed Rob and there were some great things discussed that you the listener may benefit from. Rob covers some of the things that came up in the interview such as…

  • Athletes need to be bold!
  • Competitive athletes in a perpetual state of “Permafitness”
  • Discovering why an athlete hasn’t won a race yet
  • Becoming critical of your performances
  • Being bold during “practice” races and events
  • Are you making excuses or do you truly have a performance limiter
  • Being bold doesn’t mean putting yourself in harm’s way
  • Quit fearing failure!

Notes on Athlete and Team Sponsorship!

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