Josh and Rob review the 2017 Power Meter market and add some predictions

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Hello and welcome back to a new episode of the Endurance QuickCast. If you haven’t already noticed we have been making some changes to the shows and one of the big ones is the addition of Josh Matthews Owner of and my new co-host and sponsor of the Endurance QuickCast.

Today Josh and I are going to talk about all the things that happened in the world of power meters in 2017 and share with you what we know is going to happen in 2018 and make some of our own predictions.


  • In 2017 we saw what we would call step changes in the market for Power Meters. Josh and Coach Rob talk about the changes that occurred this year.
  • On the surface this year’s changes appeared to be centered on standards, charging and pricing.
  • We talk about this year’s winners in the power meter market and no surprise it was pedal based power meters.


  • With what feels like 100 options on the market for power meters we talk about making room for more manufacturers.
  • There is still plenty of room in the cycling market for power meters and we talk about how this is.
  • Josh and Rob give their predictions for what awaits cyclists in the new year in the power meter market.




One Comment on “Josh and Rob review the 2017 Power Meter market and add some predictions”

  1. I’m a recreational cyclist. I will never ride the Giro or the Vuelta. Coach convinced me to drop the cash and try training with power. Since they I’ve found that Power meters are an essential tool for quality training. Power provides an immediate feedback for changes in effort. Heart rate can take a bit to spin up or down. It provides a more accurate picture of effort. Heart Rate can go up as you continue to ride while your Watts remain consistent. Some days the Heart Rate and Watts don’t match what they should. It lets me know I need to be looking at factors like my sleep, nutrition, stress or possible coming illness. Power meters provide a consistent measure of my progress when I’m training. If you are thinking of getting a power meter, do it. If you think they are not needed for training, talk to Coach and find out what you’re missing.

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