Optimal weight loss tips

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Quick-Cast-Final-300x263Its that time of the year athletes start to think about weight loss. Either because the holidays have not helped their waist line or they are trying to take their performance to the next level. Coach Rob covers tips on how to optimize your weight loss. Tune in and learn more about:





  • Why weight loss is important
  • Know your resting metabolic rate
  • Tracking your calorie consumption, caloric burn and weight
  • Body composition vs body weight
  • Tools for tracking
    • Apps
    • Web Sites
    • Logging help (ANT+ Wireless scales, bike and run computers, Wahoo Fitness)
  • Workouts that will help you burn more fat
    • Strength training
    • Running and Riding LSD
    • Heart Rate and Power Zone concerns
  • Nutrition to help loose weight
  • Supplements
    • Dangers
    • Parting with your money
    • Purity?

Other Links mentioned in the show


My Fitness Pal

Determining Resting Metabolic Rate

Measuring body composition


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