Our new co-host and a review of Eurobike and Interbike 2017

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Welcome back to a new season of the Endurance QuickCast. We start our new recording season every November and as promised there are going to be some changes in all of the shows. With that being said I want welcome Josh Matthews owner of PowerMeterCity.com and my new co-host and sponsor of the Endurance QuickCast.

Today Josh and I are going to talk about the things we saw and read about from Eurobike and Interbike. The good, the great, the odd and what could be the future of cycling but before we dive into the show, as usual, we have some notes and offers.

Note: Before you get out pencil and paper for the show I want to let everyone know that that this show will have extensive show notes. To find the show notes simply go to PositivePerformanceCoaching.com/blog/ or search for the show title on our website.

Offer: Check out https://powermetercity.com/ for some excellent Black Friday sales this year!

Offer: Endurance QuickCast listeners can use the promo code EQC10 to get 10% off of any of our downloadable training plans or webinars found at http://positiveperformancecoaching.com/training-plans/

After a quick introduction, Josh and Rob jump right into a detailed discussion about Eurobike and Interbike shows from this year.

So let’s talk about our favorite new and updated products.

We talk about the excitement of the new stuff and new releases.

  • FSA WE Drivetrain
  • Watt Team Power Beat
  • More hydraulic disc brake options for TT and Tri bikes
  • The pain of direct mount brakes on TT and Tri bikes

What the oddest things were that we saw

The things we were the most disappointed in

  • Didn’t see as many bike and component updates as in previous years
  • Lots of new kit, jerseys, bibs, shoes, and helmets from 100s of vendors
  • LOTS of new helmets especially more road aero helmets
  • New Helmets from Oakley
  • Intrigued by Endura’s new speed suit

What are predictions are for the New Year when it comes to new gear

Next month’s show with Josh will cover the 2017 power meter review!

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