Spring 2017 Athlete Q&A With Coach Kelli and Coach Rob

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It’s been a while since Coach Kelli and Coach Rob have had an Athlete Q&A show and there is a reason for that. Learn about what happened to Coach Kelli, how she is recovering and what she is doing to recover faster. We also answer several really good questions from our listeners, readers and athletes we coach and MUCH MORE. Check the show notes for even more details on what we cover in this edition of the Athlete Q&A on the Endurance Quick Cast. Note: We apologize for some echo in the show. We know what caused it and it shouldn’t be a problem again.

  • What has been going on with Coach Kelli and Coach Rob
  • Coach Kelli talks about her recent injury and her ACL and MCL repair
  • Coach Rob makes suggestions to help Coach Kelli with her on bike rehab
  • Special offers or what is coming soon from Coach Kelli and Coach Rob
  • Coach Kelli and Coach Rob talk about new and or interesting studies and athlete outcomes
  • Lack of sodium intake at race pace causing blurred vision
  • The reasons sodium balance is so important for athletes
  • Shoutouts to listeners and show followers
  • Athlete questions presented and answered
  • Reminders and other communications to listeners
  • Coach Kelli does a deep dive on what goes into recovery nutrition for all athletes.
  • What are Coach Kelli’s and Coach Rob’s favorite training food or supplements
  • Kudos time…
Music for show intro, outro, and mid-play break: “Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA” 
Intro and Outro music: Battle from the Crime Scene Album from Jahzzar
Mid-play break music: Please Listen Carefully from the Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes Album

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