Summarizing the season to end the woulda’, coulda’, shouldas’

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This week Coach Rob talks about an important aspect of record keeping in an athlete’s life. Writing a seasonal summary is an excellent way to capture what went on in the season. This tool if you like is a wonderful way to maintain your sanity in 5 simple steps.

Have a listen and learn all the steps to summarizing your season so you can quit thinking about how your season would have been better or should have done better only if you could have done things differently.

We have two offers this week!

Positive Performance Athlete and Team Coaching.

I am going to give up to 6 new individual athletes and 1-2 teams a sponsorship offer in 2018. This means that individual cyclists will receive 40-50% off my Month-to-Month, Week-to-Week or One-on-One coaching services. Multisport athletes will be limited to my Week-to-Week or One-on-One coaching services. One to two teams of 4-10 cyclist will receive anywhere from 40%-60% off depending on the agreed to level of participation. So if you want Positive Performance Coaching to sponsor you or your team you need to contact me, Coach Rob, ASAP! This sponsorship offer will close at the end of December 2017.

Weight loss for athletes webinar series

Coach Rob will be hosting a series of webinars on weight loss for athletes. The first of several webinars will be prerecorded and will cover much of what Rob has learned in his research to simplify the weight loss process safely and effectively. If you want to download the first webinar for free just sign up for our newsletter! Once you have signed up for the newsletter I will announce where and how to download your first webinar for free. After that those that sign up for the webinar will get a discount to join the live webinar series for the rest of the series. To register for the newsletter simply scroll to the footer of any page at and enter your info to subscribe.

Rather than repeat what is in the show verbatim you can follow along by downloading Coach Rob’s Seasonal Summary Template. Definitely, listen to the show for details on how to get the most of your Seasonal Summary.

Download your own copy of the Seasonal Summary that includes example entries.

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