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THe-feed-logo-smallCoach Kelli talk about the various option to use carbohydrates to fuel your endurance efforts in this weeks edition of The Feed on the Endurance Quick Cast

I’m not a one-best sort of person. No one size fits all or black and white recommendations here.

Instead, I’m more of a good-enough sort of person. Or, probably more accurately, a good-fit sort of person.  This applies to many things in my life, and one of them is certainly training fuel and sports nutrition options.

When I’m working with a client, or when one buys my book, they will find that I offer many, many different recommendations for training fuel. I don’t push one brand (although I’m happy to let you know which I like the best, which many of my clients, and which seem to cause the most issues for folks). I don’t even push one type of fueling.

I work with many clients who prefer “lighter” drinks or water and more food and electrolytes from other sources than a sports drink.

I work with many that prefer all their nutrition from their drink and no solids.

And, I work with many that do something in between. This is my preference as well.

Today, I’ll define these carbs options and provide some examples.  Then, I’ll give you my preferences and some caveats on these generalizations. So have a listen to learn more!



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