What beginner cyclists often get wrong

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Coach Rob tries to help without ranting…

This week Coach Rob talks about the top 8-10 items he sees beginner cyclists getting wrong. Some of the items are just expansions on a theme but still very important issues Rob sees come up all too often. None of these items are meant to be overly critical as we were all once beginners. So have a listen and learn how to become a better cyclist.

  • The amount of time spent training
  • Planning for recovery
    • Age related recovery concerns
  • Not stacking training intensity
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Knowing what types of workouts make the most sense for your specific events
  • Equipment safety concerns
  • Road safety concerns
    • Being predictable
    • Bike handling
  • Nutrition mistakes
  • Choosing your first race or event wisely
    • Selecting the wrong category to race in
    • Course terrain
    • Pre riding unfamiliar courses
  • Beginners are not above the rules when it comes to PEDs
Music for show intro, outro, and mid-play break: “Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA
Intro and Outro music: Battle from the Crime Scene Album from Jahzzar
Mid-play break music: Please Listen Carefully from the Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes Album






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