When Will I Get Faster?

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Coach Rob covers a myriad of issues that could keep you from becoming faster as a cyclist or as a runner. Then Rob gives guidance on how to improve your odds of getting faster on the bike and run. Have a listen and feel free to share your experiences or ask questions!

  • How long will it take for me to get faster?
  • What it takes to get faster
  • The pros and cons of being self-coached
  • How coaches help athletes become faster
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Planning guidance
  • Getting lazy can be a good thing
  • When going backward in your fitness can be a good thing
  • Setting expectations on Category upgrades
  • Recognizing a plateau
  • Pros and cons of training with heart rate and perceived exertion
  • Why power meter users may be focussed on the wrong part of the power curve to get faster
  • Using race specifics to create effective workouts
  • Club riders have similar training stimulus needs that competitive cyclists
  • How changes to equipment can make you faster
  • Why runners need gait analysis
  • Why runners need to look at replacing equipment more often
  • The mental aspect of using that big muscle located between your ears
  • Getting faster in the shortest amount of time possible
Music for show intro, outro, and mid-play break: “Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA” 
Intro and Outro music: Battle from the Crime Scene Album from Jahzzar
Mid-play break music: Please Listen Carefully from the Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes Album

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