podcast_logoI asked many readers if they would like to see/hear me return to pod casting and there was a disappointing response to be honest. There were a handful of former listeners and readers excited about it but not many chimed in.

It however has not dissuaded me from pursuing a new . So where is it? Well I was well underway in the production and decided to make some changes. These changes meant recording new intros, finishing up the new web site and some branding work. The branding work is 90% complete. The new web site will be faster loading and have great and video support. The web site is 40% complete. I have not made much ground on the intros but I have over 40 scripts written, 20+ recorded shows and have many more on the way.

Then something came up. There is a who is claiming he owns the patent to Pod casting. He isn’t going after those that make the tools for pod casting. He is going after those that produce podcasts and intends to sue pod casters!

This particular has started already with the biggest and most successful pod casters and networks. If you would like to learn more about this unfortunate turn of events check out the following page.


If you would like to support Adam Carrolla’s defense fund and learn even more about what is going on with the case check out:


What I know right now is that Adam Corolla is fighting the troll and has a court date in September of this year.

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is also mounting an attack. The EFF is accepting donations as well to continue the fight against the Troll.


I know this is really out of the ordinary for me to post but I have second hand experience with a . One of the sponsors and all around nice guy Drew Curtis, who sponsored two teams I raced for, was sued by a over a bogus patent claim. To learn about Drew Curtis of FARK.com experience check out the following TED Talk.


What does this mean for the to be named from Coach Rob? Well I can tell you I have donated to Adam’s and the EFF’s fund and will continue to work on all of the above-mentioned items. I will not be launching until after the case is heard in September or if the EFF has luck canceling this ridiculous patent claim.

If you have other favorite podcasts they are in danger folks!

Coach Rob