PowerBundleIf I coach you or you have been reading this site regularly you know I am a coach that likes to train and race with power! I can remember a time not to long ago that if you mentioned the word to a cyclist they would respond “what is a ”. Then I would get asked the question “will a make me faster?” This question was usually followed by “it costs how much?!” and “It better make me faster for that kind of money!”

Well and analyzing power data had never been more approachable and affordable since SRM Systems introduced the first crank based in 1986. SRM gave athletes the ability to measure , freeing them from lab ergometers and applying to conditions.

Ever since I started coaching one of the most frequent questions I get from new athletes is should I get a power meter, which one, how do I use one and when are they going to get cheaper?

I decided earlier this year that I was going to produce prerecorded clinics on various topics and would start with power!

So I am happy to provide the first 3 clinics on power! Below you can see the outlines for each clinic and a link where you can download them individually or as a bundle.

Power 101
Power 201
Power 301

I look forward to hearing from you the reader about the clinics and any suggestions you have for future clinics. Just leave a comment and I will reply.

Until next time

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