Sports Nutrition Foundational Information

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The drought is over and Coach Rob is back with a long overdue edition of The Feed on the Endurance QuickCast. Rob covers what he refers to as foundational information on sports nutrition for runners and cyclists. Coach cover’s pre-hydration fueling guidance as well as intra-training and race guidance and wraps it up talking about fueling for recovery.

The Feed – Carbohydrates are the foundation to success

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Carbohydrates or carbs have been a part of a strong foundation that fuels endurance athlete’s results, but will any old carbs work? Let’s talk this week about the important role Carbs play in day-to-day and sports fueling. We will also learn in this show some examples of excellent carb selections and even fueling strategies.

The Feed – Make BIG Gains by Supplementing With Creatine

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Coach Rob covers a wide range of subjects and questions related to the supplementation of creatine. Learn about loading, dosing, and scientifically proven gains made when utilizing creatine in your supplement regime. Coach Rob also shares which endurance athletes will truly benefit from creatine along with the best times to utilize creatine. Rob also shares an update on Coach Kelly.